Business Email

As a Business Owner, you know how important email is. Despite the abundance of social media platforms, chat and video meetings, it is still the number one method for communication between a business and its customers.

To a customer, knowing a business’ email address can be the difference between making a sale or not. In addition, businesses use emails to communicate to one another, both within the organization and to customers. Using a professional business email address is one of the best and easiest way to help your business to succeed.

Your Inbox bundled with Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts

Contextually create events, tasks, and notes from any content in an email or from posts.

Keep up with events

Events can turn chaotic if not properly organized. Use the Calendar module in Atlantic Mail to create and keep track of your events.

Break it down

Completing a set of small tasks is always easier than tackling one big project. The Tasks module in Atlantic Mail helps you break down your work and create manageable task schedules.

Duly noted

Annotation helps you keep your thoughts in order. Add virtual sticky notes in the color of your choice with the Notes module in Atlantic Mail.

Stay connected

Organize all your contacts in one place. Your organization address book and auto-fill come in handy when sending emails or looking up contacts.